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Belgian Chocolate Cake

So they say love is all you need, but a little chocolate every now and then doesn't hurt! Here's Terry's recipe for a deluxe Belgian Chocolate Cake.

 This recipe makes 2 round cakes, so please adjust to how many cakes you want.


For mix No.1
- 850ml  semi skimmed milk
- 750g brown sugar
- 375g plain chocolate

For mix No.2
- 500g butter
- 750g brown sugar
- 9 eggs
- 900g plain flour
- 88g cocoa powder
- 1tbsp bicarbonate soda
- 425ml semi skimmed milk


- For the first mixture,  boil the 850ml of milk with sugar, and add the chocolate until all melted together
- For the second mixture, in another bowl, beat the butter and sugar until light, then slowly add the eggs
- Add half of the flour and mix well
- Add the 425ml of milk and add the rest of the flour, then add the cocoa powder and bicarbonate soda
- Lastly, add the warm chocolate mix
- Pour into 2x 10 inch round cake tins
- Bake at 160°C for 80 minutes.

 Decorate however you like - some extra melted chocolate, chocolate twirls and buttons are popular choices!


Makes 2 round cakes.


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